Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tool 11:  Finally made it!  The quiz did not show up for me on Atomic Learning.  Guess I lucked out!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tool 10:  Responsibility is one of the main things students need to learn about being a citizen, digital or otherwise.  It is one of the cornerstones to becoming an adult.  Too often people are growing up in our society without learning to be responsible.  You see it everyday in the news from politicians to business to everyday people.  Another is the need to think critically.  Just because it is there does not mean it is true!  Question, think, and continue to look.  I like the ISTE standards for students and teachers.  I would like to see these implemented throughout the campus (Student StandardsTeacher Standards)
Tool 9:  One thing to remember is that the technology is a tool.  It is a way for the students to access the information you want them to learn.  Technology is a part of our everyday lives.  We use it in all aspects of our life.  We need to tie technology in with our objective because the objective is the path we take to ensure mastery of the TEKS and the technology is part of how we will get there.  If it is not part of the objective, there is more room for misuse of the technology.  Holding students accountable for the use of the technology is critical (especially in the beginning) to ensure the students use it for its intended purpose.  Holding student accountable also lets you see if mastery of the subject matter is happening or if students are not grasping the concepts in your objective.  Assessment is always a key ingredient in all teaching.

PhET (pretty cool)

Tool 8:  Did not know the battery is the stand on the netbook.  Apps are constantly coming on the market so you need to visit the app store frequently to browse for new apps that can be used in your classroom.
Tool 7:  Integrating among your campus colleagues is a great way to begin this process.  Building integrated units within the campus will make it an easier transition to opening it up to a larger audience.  Partnering with a similar campus would also be a logical step in beginning the process.  From a campus standpoint, we need to encourage the teachers to explore the opportunities in the global learning community by taking part ourselves perhaps with a school wide service learning project that has an impact beyond our four walls???
Tool 6:  We use Twitter (Tweet Deck) to highlight things going on in the classroom.  Also, as we find interesting articles etc. we link them to our tweet.  I also follow several teachers on their Edmodo accounts making comments to the students along the way.
Tool 5: